Box Fort


Box Fort Inc. is searching for several talented artists to create custom works to be installed in a new and exciting entertainment venue in Natick MA. The venue is exploring art projects in the following mediums or styles: 

    • Street Graffiti
    • String Art
    • Hanging Mobiles
    • Shadows
    • Large Text Murals
    • Perspective Illusions

Example photographs of each style, as examples only, are shown below.

about the project

Level99 is a new entertainment concept scheduled to open in Natick MA in the spring of 2021. The venue is a massive 48,000 sqft and is expected to attract 150,000+ visitors of all ages annually.  The concept involves challenges and games in 43 separate rooms, with the rest of the venue decorated with 70+ works of art.

Level99 is looking to contract local artists to create a range of large-scale custom artwork for the venue. The intention is to create 8 pieces of art in each of the styles above, which may be produced by one artist or a combination of artists. When possible, the works of art will be created off-site, at the artists’ studio, on movable materials, to be installed in the venue in Natick this winter.

Each piece of artwork also factors into a game that is played throughout the venue where guests are exploring the space to “collect” all the pieces of art in a particular theme. Box Fort will work with the artist to integrate a word or image into each piece of artwork as part of that meta-game.  Guests of Level99 will be interacting regularly with the artwork–it’s an active part of the game experience!

artist criteria

    • Artists must demonstrate experience and skill in creating large scale pieces of art.
    • Artists must have a portfolio showing that they can execute the desired style and scale.
    • Artists should have a space to create their artwork and/or be able to travel to the site in Natick MA for installation near the end of this year.


    1. If you find this intriguing, submit your portfolio for review, with a letter/email expressing interest, to
    2. Box Fort will reach out to the finalists to explore a potential scope of work, number of art pieces, and pricing, depending on your desires and capabilities.
    3. Artists will develop a hand-sketch proposal, with overall dimensions, to coordinate the nature and scale of the art with Box Fort.
    4. Box Fort will formally commission the work and sign a production agreement with the artist.
    5. Box Fort and artist will then work together on the details, including the integration of a game element within each commissioned art piece.
    6. The artist will then produce a more refined proof of concept sketch, either digitally or on paper, for review.
    7. If the art is able to be created off-site, the artist will work on a substrate that is able to be transported to the venue. If the nature of the art requires that it be executed on site, the artist will be required to provide their own transportation to the location in Natick at a scheduled time to produce the work.


Compensation is commensurate with the artist’s experience and the scale of the art piece(s).

Artist benefits

In addition to compensation for your creative work,

    • Your art will be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people annually. 
    • Your name will be displayed next to your work.
    • Artists will be invited to special events and grand openings.


If you think you meet the criteria listed above, please email to express interest and attach images or a link to your portfolio showing your relevant work. If we like what we see, we will contact you with next steps. We look forward to seeing your awesome creations.

Portfolios are due on or before August 3rd 2020.


These images are style examples of the kind of things we are looking to emulate. We are not looking to reproduce these works.